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Thu, Mar 17, 2011

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No we haven’t forgotten about you. No we’re not breaking up. Yes we still love you.

Hahaha, sorry we’ve been incognito everyone. It seems like writing journal entries gets pushed down to the bottom of the list when you’re an indie band trying to gear up for a big tour. I just wanted to let you know we’re still here and excited as ever to see you on the road! If you haven’t gone to our tour page, please check it out and see if we’re going to be anywhere near you this spring. We’ve been anxiously putting together our show to go out in support of Orla Fallon (amazing singer and harpist from Celtic Woman), and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed preparing it!

To give you a quick update, we left Nashville Tuesday and arrived in Arizona for a refresh and 4 shows before heading up to Salt Lake City for Orla’s first performance. AAAAND, as I’m writing this we just broke into a spontaneous chorus of Blink 182. Weird. Aaaaaannnyway, it has been a crazy last couple of months of preparation, both for the tour and for the Calico Picture Show (which we hope you have been enjoying). But now all the hard work is paying off and we should have some pics and vids for you to check out soon from our life on the road.


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11 Responses to “Quick Hello”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Hope that your tour goes well!! Can’t wait to see you all!
    Looking forward to the updates from the road!

  2. Ron & Aege Says:


    Thanks for a great performance last nite in Philly! We were front row center & knew what to expect from Orla…and weren’t disappointed, but were blown away by you guys! So glad you were able to have the stage to yourselves for a while!

    Ron & Aege
    West Chester PA

  3. Bill Hurley Says:

    GREAT SHOW at Wolftrap last night! You had me with the cover of “Ain’t That Peculiar” and sold me the CD with “Chase the Sun”

  4. Peter Zimmerman Wolf Trap Says:

    Just wanted to say a great big thank you for your set the other night in support of Orla at The Barns at Wolf Trap. You blew us all away- great set- i will try to book you back soon! PZ

  5. Jonathan Says:

    Peter, it was our pleasure! Bob and the rest of the staff at the Barns were truly top notch. Please do let us know when we can come back – we had a fabulous time. Thanks again for your hospitality.

  6. Maire Says:

    Saw you for the first time tonight and what a great show – will be following you and hope to catch up with you again when you are in the Northeast. We are often in Ohio and Arizona too so will look for you there. What a great pairing with Orla – tremendous show!

  7. dan heal Says:

    Hi Folke,
    We just returned from the show at Kleinhans, Buffalo, New York, staring yourselves, Orla Fallon and others. Don’t know who was/were the real star of the evening. Certainly you held your ground and really got the audience going during the first half feet stamping hand clapping well we’re too old to get up and dance!! Sorry we couldn’t stick around for your CDs. We had to get back home across the border to Canada.
    Best of Luck – some times string break – ear phones burp – ouch but you kept your postires and it was a great evening!
    Oh yes, Orla was great too.
    Dan H

  8. Diane Says:

    Caught you with Orla at the EGG in Albany, N.Y. Easter Eve. One word FANTASTIC!!!!..Sure do hope you guys come back soon. Listining to “CALICO” as I send this. Thank you so much for your signings,and a GREAT concert.

  9. Blake Barr Says:

    Great show in the Boston area! Enjoyed meeting y’all during the break and after the show. Y’all have a great sound and I look forward to seeing y’all again. Your CD keeps magically hopping from my car to my wife’s car. With all the y’alls in here I hope you remember me and eat a chili dog for me sometime.


  10. Mike W. Says:

    Hey guys (and gal!),

    It was great seeing you close out this tour last night in Elgin! I swear, you guys get better every time I see you perform. I gave some of your CDs to a few co-workers, and now we’re all planning on heading South to see you play in N’ville sometime! Wishing you much success in the future. See ya again soon!

    Mike W.

  11. Dennis Stebbins Says:

    Hi guys! Hey, loved you music at the Hacienda Del Lago here in Vail Arizona! You guys have to be one of the best music groups I have seen, . . your performance was so wonderful, I could have sat there for hours. Cassandra, your Mom is in our prayers. Take care, and keep in touch!

    Dennis the Menace

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