Headlight in the Sky

Mon, Jul 18, 2011

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by Jonathan Lawson

Who needs a map when love’s the guide?
Who needs a bed when the road is wide?
Who needs a fire when the moon is high?
We’ll find our way by the headlight in the sky

It’s bright enough, the moon’s waxed up like a new paint job
Stars awake, like the metal flakes in a deep black Cadillac
So put those high beams out, moonshine in, hang on for the ride

They say that love is blind, but I guess I wanna find out for myself
So honey put that halo on, cause I can’t see a single wrong
With the chance to break your spell

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One Response to “Headlight in the Sky”

  1. Claudio Says:

    it’s so pretty this song, i love that
    guys u’re the best, keep it up
    all the songs i get to the deepest, it’s like it was written for me

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