Dirt on the past two months…

Wed, May 25, 2011

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Well hello, world wide Internet.

We drew straws for who would be the one to give you all the dirt on the past two months of nonstop touring with Orla Fallon and needless to say, I swiftly grabbed all four straws. Even though I have a reputation for forgetting, losing things, and generally being a space cadet from time to time, I firmly believe that we women have an amazing ability to find all the “movie moments” in life and keep those in a special treasure chest in a secret corridor of our hearts…

The challenge of blogging to make up for two months worth of memories is finding the perfect balance between giving all the tiny details that make you feel like you were with us and not making you fall asleep to my novel of an entry. So….here are the gory, but condensed details.

Day 1, hour 1…
Hahahaha, just kidding.

All in all, we rocked It out for two months…and not in the “we’re THAT amazing and we think  highly enough  of ourselves to brag and be narcissistic” type of way. I just mean mathematically.

Math? Cassandra and math? No way….o yes, it’s happening.

Math in the sense that the odds of ANY band being in tight quarters (I’m talking 15 passenger van, 9000 logged miles, and up to 4-5 people a night in ONE room more often than not, with one bathroom) for that many weeks and not killing each other is pretty low. Needless to say we’re all alive and smiling. With all of our teeth.

As the only chick in the band, I unconsciously carry around a sort of “little brother/sister” mentality. You know where they try to act brave and put together and trot alongside side your shadow, five running steps to every one of your strides? So I would try my best to smile when I wanted to cry from exhaustion or frustration that the schedule wasn’t happening like my little OCD brain wanted it to, or put on my headphones and blast opera music to calm down when we took the wrong exit for a thirteenth time. And when our trailer wheel almost fell off as we were driving down the turnpike in New York and we had to go rent a Uhaul and transfer ALL the gear as cars and trucks were zooming by at 70mph, I pushed my scared,completely out of shape,un-athletic body to superman heights so i could pull my weight and TRY to be as helpful as the boys. There’s nothing amazing or outstanding or heroic about any one of us in particular-especially not me–but it was the team effort that turned us into a force to reckon with. Yeah, I said reckon. With each trial and tribulation we became closer, with more strength, more momentum…more gusto– instead of clawing, bickering, and putting distance in-between the group…. So if getting lost and breaking down and being tired were the worst of our problems, the good DEFINITELY outweighed the bad on our trip!!!!

So here’s what I found out about the pros and cons of being on the road for SO so so long:

-Staying in gorgeous hotels which were always spotless and dog hair free.
-Getting to see a TON of the USA, from Utah all the way to New York
-Meeting amazing people in every city
-Playing in breathtaking historical theaters
-Being spoiled rotten by our fans who would bring gifts to the show
-Having an excuse to wear red lipstick every day
-Being around and playing music with three of the most amazing men I’ve ever known
-Getting to fly my mom out to Washington DC to see our shows
-Exploring all the towns to find treasures for my art/accessories
-discovering local restaurants and diners with insanely delicious food
-working with one of the sweetest artists we’ve ever met (thank you Orla Fallon!!!!)
-discovering microbreweries in each town
-lots of time to daydream and scheme about how to get all our friends on the road with us

-missing my bed, friends, and dogs
-trying to eat healthy and usually failing at fast food places(I can honestly confess that when I stepped on the scale after tour, I had gained 11lbs. not EVEN exaggerating. whoops!!!)
-not being able to cook(are u seeing a pattern yet?)
-dragging suitcases to your room after a show at 1am-knowing u have to drag it back in just a few hours for call time
-not knowing what day of the week it is. Ever.
-being at the mercy of a different weather system(and time zone) every day
-trying to get comfortable on a seat bench or dressing room couch to sleep (actually that can be a fun challenge if you’re up to it hahaah)

So with that, we’re safely back in Nashville with our smiles and our sanity and we’re soaking up the southern way of life until we head back out for a southwest tour in a couple of days…and while we bask in the glow of familiarity, our little gypsy hearts will be dancing when we head out to our next great adventure…desert heat HERE WE COME!!!!!!

3 Responses to “Dirt on the past two months…”

  1. Taylor Says:

    Great summary – can’t wait to catch you guys live soon!

  2. Caity Says:

    I love your narration! Hilarious. :)
    I saw you guys in Tacoma, Washington with Orla and absolutely loved your show! I’ve adored everything Irish- and consequently Celtic Woman-forever and so came to see Orla, since she’s not in anymore, but was not expecting to be enchanted by you guys, too!! Thank you so much! I love that I can’t get your songs out of my head! :D

  3. steve Says:

    You guyz are pure artists. I can’t remember anyone in recent past that put on such a tight and accoustically beautiful show. Cassandra, hope you like this – your voice and Norah Jones’s could be twins joined at the vocal chords. And what a talented group of musicians! Hope to see you again live somewhere in the near future. Loved your travel/bus video and narration on what it’s like to be on the road…..not all the glory and glam that folks think it could be, but well worth the effort and we enjoy every note of every song you play.


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