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Mon, Jun 25, 2012

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Sooooo wow, it’s been awhile…we have this thing where each of us in the band writes a blog for our website every blue moon, and I’m up to bat…my usual disclaimer of “Parental Discretion is advised due to poor grammer, improper punctuation, no capitalization, insufficient proof-reading, and general realness” still applies…


This past year has been a whirlwind adventure, and as I look back on the experiences, lessons learned, hardships never imagined, and the stretches my heart had to go through, I am thankful that more promise than ever lies ahead.


From broken down trailers on the side of the freeway in New York and my mother being diagnosed with breast cancer, to hearing ourselves on the radio for the first time and playing on big stages in hockey arenas and historical theatres, it’s been a crazy ride to say the least. We also did a big Breast Cancer Awareness campaign we titled “Charity Chop” where Jonathan let the three of us cut his hair (that was down to the bottom of his back!) off right in front of the whole audience before our show!!!!! The video should still be up on our youtube channel and let me tell you, as a wife of someone with GORGEOUS hair -who had never in 10 years seen Jonathan’s hair short, i was SO nervous….but as you can see from pictures he just got more handsome.. tears…lol THEN Tyler…you know, the ridiculously handsome drummer with hair that you want to cut off in his sleep and glue it to yours? maybe that’s just me, lol…stepped up to the plate and turned into an overnight SUPERmodel! if cutting your hair off makes you look like a rockstar, sign me UP!!!!!! All three of these boys were so amazing on tour through my struggle of not being there for my mom’s surgeries and gave up their beautiful locks to promote education which meant more to my family then they’ll ever understand…and it brought a whole new level of connection with our fans, hearing theire stories and banding together in this fight, turning such a devastating chapter into one of hope and light…holy amazing…


SO we (Tin Cup Gypsy) clocked up over 200 shows and 60,000 miles within a one year’s time and in January we began building our team of managers, publishing, photographers, directors, booking, and all the other priceless people that comprise a solid team to make bigger things happen for us…it’s been such a huge weight lifted to have these gems walk into our lives because there is a TON of behind the scenes work that is necessary to make all the lights and sound and smoke and glitter and production to create a great live show/image/recordings/etc…without these people I’m pretty sure we’d all have gray hair by the time we turn 30. Fo sho.


So this year I’m sure you’ve noticed a HUGE change in our touring schedule and many people started wondering, “where’d they go???”…well I’m here to say, “hhaayyyyy!!!”  and reveal in a very CIA coded way some of the things that are cooking up in the Tin Cup Gypsy lab…


So we built the team and have most of the puzzle pieces in place…we’ve been writing a TON as well as listening to “outside” songs for the past few months to gear up for having a new baby. that’s right, a music baby. hahahah! it’s been awhile since we released our first album “Calico” and we wanted to really take our time and dig into the musicality of making an even better record…we really respect those legendary musicians who poured their hearts into giving the listener a full album “experience” (James Taylor, The Dixie Chicks, Eagles, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, etc…) and hope to give you something you can listen start to finish without pushing the fast forward button like we’re all guilty of, lol.


The four of us holed up in the woods of middle-of-nowhere North Carolina for a few days not too long ago and had our very first writer’s retreat, log cabin and all…we were super far out and drove through a pass properly named “dragon’s tail”…we got about half way through until they had to let me out to puke. hahahah!But it was such a great time for us to pair up for two hour intervals and just create art, no matter what hook it was…songs like “My Old Suitacase”, “Burn This Mountain Down”, “Paper Airplane”, and “Wingman” spun through our minds and into journals as we collected several treasures from these sessions while learning one anothers’ writing “personalities” and just becoming better friends. yes, i can say all these “lifetime television’ things cuz i’m the girl of the band. i’m not ashamed. hahaha!


We then came home ready to rumble and start booking co-writes with other songwriters and get into the studio to start making demos of several songs. I’m so impatient with the process and i’m not gunna lie, until now i didn’t realize you usually have to record a “worktape” (just vocals and guitar/instrument of choice)…it’s like a super rough version…next it’s on to the rough demo which includes a broad idea of all the instruments and vocals…then comes anywhere from 1 to a billion times. So you’d think if you edited it enough it would be good enough for an album, right? NOPE. then the team listens to these songs, seeing which ones really pop out to them, and THEN if it’s a potential album cut, you REDO the whole flippin’ song. And that comes with tuning vocals, mixing and mastering, blah blah blahhhhh….so you see now why this process takes way longer than you’d think it would? lol ME too.


We also filmed our very first music video to be released here in the next month or two!!!! I can’t reveal too much, but the shoot was INCREDIBLE and our director Mark Cowart (who also photographed our last headshot)  is PHENOMENAL!!!! This thing looks more like a movie trailer than your basic music video and we are SO proud of how it all turned out…he made us look SO much cooler than we are, hahah…just another example of how important these team members are to us…


Let’s see….We’re gearing up for new photos as well, so look for that…and there’s OH-so-much-more coming soon…I wish i could just spill the beans right here and now and jump up and down and scream like an idiot, but i promise you when the time comes, it will be THAT much more exciting…


Until then, I’ll keep posting the “SECRETS FROM THE ROAD” archive videos to our bandpage from last year that reveal our true colors, lol…


love, adventures, and happiness to you all…




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6 Responses to “Confessions of a Gypsy…”

  1. meg Says:

    Love hearing from you all and getting a glimpse of the process to making your AWESOME music~ can hardly wait for the finished (or half-finished, or even slightly put together…) product!

  2. Rog Klosterman Says:

    I saw you perform @ Jack Daniels in Nashville at the end of the night in February. Bought the CD and chatted for a few minutes as you packed up.I’m an old guy,but I absolutely love your sound. I’m really anxious for the new CD and new tour. Terrific talent and great people with great heart. I am anxious to follow your success

  3. Tom Smith Says:

    I saw you perform when you toured with Orla Fallon to Tacoma, WA., bought your CD and loved both the live performance and CD! Cassandra reminds me of an old time torch singer, and the soul you pour into your songs is amazing! Looking forward to hearing more from you, musically and blog wise. Thank you for the insight to all the things that go on in the background that we never know about. We just get to hear your wonderful music and forget all those who help you bring it to us. Wishing you continued success!

  4. Libby Jurs Says:

    Thanks for letting us know what has been going on in the life of TCG. I can’t wait for the new CD and to see you on the road again. I’m still keeping your mom in my prayers & hoping she is doing well.

  5. Cass Says:

    Tha is y’all!!!! I wish I could convey how excited we are about all this stuff, we’re living the dream!!!!!


  6. Ron Karlin Says:

    Can not wait to hear the new music! And to see you again live. It’s been way too long!

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