2. April 2013

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Big News!!!

Hello friends, we have some big news we can’t contain any longer! Many of you have been eagerly following our music and sharing in our journey – and we are so thankful for you all.  We would like to announce that we have begun the next chapter on our path to global domination, we signed […]

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25. June 2012


Confessions of a Gypsy…

Sooooo wow, it’s been awhile…we have this thing where each of us in the band writes a blog for our website every blue moon, and I’m up to bat…my usual disclaimer of “Parental Discretion is advised due to poor grammer, improper punctuation, no capitalization, insufficient proof-reading, and general realness” still applies…   This past year […]

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6. June 2012


Asheville, Chattanooga, and ATL

Sometimes the road is uneventful, and other times you just don’t have any idea what’s going to happen next. This last trip started with me cutting my finger wide open while loading up all the gear to leave. It wasn’t too bad, it just bled like crazy. Then we were on the road. Everything was […]

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3. May 2012

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Hi, have we met?

Well hello stranger. Long time, no see. I guess now you know that when things get busy, the Tin Cup Gypsy kids forget to blog. Sorry about that! So what’s new? Our world has been cuhraaaazy and is showing no signs of slowing. After our 200-show 2011, we needed a little break. Well that didn’t […]

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22. November 2011

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Santa hijacked our van.

Happy Holidays everyone! We are finally home after notching over 200 concerts this year – and it’s been an incredible ride! It’s also been slightly exhausting, so now we’re winding down to spend the holiday season with friends and family. This year has taken us to the four corners of the United States, put 35,000 […]

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29. July 2011


Emotionalism or Craft Artistry?

This is not a rant. I promise. See, I’ve had this little battle in my mind for the past several years. It seems like in today’s music industry there’s a line in the sand. Are you an emotional artist or will you craft your music the way a fine violin maker labors over his creations? […]

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9. June 2011

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Take a Stand

Tin Cup Gypsy steps up and steps out for a cause that touches us all. The band needs your help in spreading the word about this fight – Breast Cancer. When the video hits 50,000 views, band member Tyler Oban will chop off his hair in an effort to bring awareness to this issue. Click […]

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25. May 2011


Dirt on the past two months…

Well hello, world wide Internet. We drew straws for who would be the one to give you all the dirt on the past two months of nonstop touring with Orla Fallon and needless to say, I swiftly grabbed all four straws. Even though I have a reputation for forgetting, losing things, and generally being a […]

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17. March 2011


Quick Hello

No we haven’t forgotten about you. No we’re not breaking up. Yes we still love you. Hahaha, sorry we’ve been incognito everyone. It seems like writing journal entries gets pushed down to the bottom of the list when you’re an indie band trying to gear up for a big tour. I just wanted to let […]

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8. February 2011


Tin Cup Gypsy to Join Orla Fallon on Spring 2011 Tour

Nashville, TN – February 8, 2011 – Folk pop band Tin Cup Gypsy announced they will be touring with Orla Fallon, of Celtic Woman fame. Fallon is a singer/harpist from Co.Wicklow, Ireland. As a solo artist and with the critically acclaimed group Celtic Woman, Fallon’s audience members over the past six years have included the […]

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